Adult Dance Class | MON 6.45pm


Re-enrol in our Adult Dance Class at Dance Mount Isa!

Our amazing adult dance class is a fun class that will challenge you and introduce you to a range of dance styles including:

Jazz/Funk: the ultimate fusion of high-energy Hip Hop, the infectious grooves of Funk dance, and the technical precision of Jazz dance. At Dance Mount Isa, we take these dynamic elements and turn them into an unforgettable and fun dance experience.

Heels: a sizzling and empowering dance class where you can strut your stuff in high heels and express your inner diva. At Dance Mount Isa, we invite women of all ages and dance backgrounds to explore the world of sensual, confident, and empowering movement.

Contemporary: a dynamic and expressive dance style that pushes boundaries, challenges conventions, and invites dancers to embrace their individuality. At Dance Mount Isa, we offer a space where students can discover the beauty of movement and storytelling.

$119 per term (8 weeks)

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“You’ll love how you feel at Dance Mount Isa.”



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