Competition Solos (9+ years) | THUR 4.30pm


Re-enrol in the Competition Dance Team at Dance Mount Isa!

Our Competition Team is a group of dedicated dancers who are passionate about taking their dance skills to new heights. This class is specially designed for those who aspire to compete in dance competitions and showcase their talents on the stage.

Why Choose the Competition Team?

  • Excellence in Performance: The Competition Team focuses on excellence in performance. Dancers receive specialised training and personalised coaching to help them shine on stage.
  • Team Camaraderie: Joining the Competition Team means becoming part of a close-knit dance family. Your child will build lasting friendships, learn the value of teamwork, and create unforgettable memories with their fellow dancers.
  • Personal Growth: Being a part of the Competition Team not only hones dance skills but also fosters personal growth. Dancers develop discipline, confidence, and resilience, essential life skills that extend beyond the stage.

Join the Competition Team at Dance Mount Isa and watch your child’s dedication and passion for dance lead them to new heights of achievement and success.

NOTE: Students must do two other classes at Dance Mount Isa to qualify for the competition team.

$119 per term (8 weeks)

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“You’ll love how you feel at Dance Mount Isa.”



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