Intermediate Jazz/Funk Dance (9-12 years) | MON 5.00pm


Welcome to Jazz/Funk Dance Classes at Dance Mount Isa!

Jazz/Funk is the ultimate fusion of high-energy Hip Hop, the infectious grooves of Funk dance, and the technical precision of Jazz dance. At Dance Mount Isa, we take these dynamic elements and turn them into an unforgettable and fun dance experience.

Why Choose Jazz/Funk?

  • Fun and Fusion: Our Jazz/Funk classes are all about having a blast while dancing to the latest pop music hits. Your child will explore the foundations of dance technique, groove to funky beats, and learn exciting choreography that will leave them smiling.
  • Technical Excellence: We believe in building a strong foundation in dance. In our Jazz/Funk classes, your child will not only dance to the rhythm but also master the technical aspects of dance, improving posture, flexibility, and coordination.
  • Creative Expression: Jazz/Funk is the perfect blend of technical precision and creative expression. It’s a style that encourages self-expression, individuality, and confidence. Your child will have the opportunity to shine and develop their unique dance style.

If you’re looking for a class that combines the best of Hip Hop, Funk, and Jazz, look no further than Jazz/Funk at Dance Mount Isa.

$129 per term (8 weeks)

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“You’ll love how you feel at Dance Mount Isa.”

Only 4 places left!

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